Rob Ashe

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Q: Who are the members of your band, and what instruments do they play?

A: Rob Ashe (vocals/guitar/harmonica) and for the show on May 9 at The House Of Rock, he will also be joined by friends Mark Reitan (mandolin/vocals) and Nate Pitcher (guitar/vocals) who he plays with in a band called BOOTS (yes, like the footwear).  Also, he will be joined by members of a great young band, The Vistas, for an electric blues/rock set.

Q: How long have you been active?

A: I have been playing in bands for more than 10 years now, which is actually a scary thing to think about.

Q: What kind of music do you play? How would you describe its sound?

A:  I consider myself a blues musician, though my definition of ‘blues’ is pretty broad. I think the style of music that I play is firmly rooted in the traditions of Delta blues and 60’s and 70’s blues rock. I had a professor in college who called my taste in music ‘primitive.’ I think he intended it to be an insult but I took that as the best compliment someone could offer about my style.

Q: Who would you list as your band’s musical influences?

A: Jimi Hendrix, Pantera, Neil Young, Eric Clapton, Robert Johnson, Derek Trucks, SRV, Django Reinhardt, Seasick Steve, Doc Watson, Charlie Parr, Buddy Guy and Miles Davis.

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