Diane Miller and the Silver Daggers

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Q: Who are the members of your band, and what instruments do they play?
A: Diane Miller: vocals, guitar, banjo
Tom Johnson: guitar, dobro, pedal steel
Steve Burket: mandolin, vocals
Jason Boynten: bass
Mike Howey: drums

Q: How long has the band been active?
A: For more than one year

Q: Where, and how, was the band formed?
A: In 2009, we started as a duo called Tom and Diane. Jason (who I became acquainted with through Heavy is the Head and my other band D Mills & the Thrills) was the one who really pushed the idea of starting a full band for my singer/songwriter material, so I took him up on his offer to play bass for this band. From there, I added friends Mike and Steve (both Tom and I knew through going to school Minnesota State University Moorhead) to the line up.

Q: How did you come up with the band’s name?
A: Tom and I really enjoy an old folk tune called “Silver Dagger.” We exhausted so many different ideas for a band name; it got to the point where a decision had to be made because Fargo Monthly Magazine wanted to feature us. When they asked us to do our photo shoot at Mezzaluna, a restaurant colored in silver, we took it as a sign.

Honestly, after all that band name contemplation, I still wish it were something else.

Q: What kind of music does the band play? How would you describe its sound?
A: It’s a mixture of folk, Americana, rock, bluegrass, indie, R&B and maybe some others. I can’t claim that we are defying boundaries and breaking musical barriers, but I do believe our sound takes unique directions, song by song.

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