Dann K & Black Casket

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Q: Who are the members of your band, and what instruments do they play?
A: We are currently playing as a 4 piece, and the number of instruments we use is larger than the number of players we have. The instruments vary with the songs.

Dann Keller- Guitar and Vocals
Andrew Hansen- Piano/Organ, Trumpet
Stevo Smedshammer- Cello, Melodica, Accordion, Trombone
Thomas Hill- Drums/Percussion, Glockenspiel

From time to time, when he is available, Dustin DeTar joins us on bass guitar.


Q: How long has the band been active?
A: We formed officially in 2010.

Q: Where, and how, was the band formed? How did you come up with the band’s name?
A: We formed in Fargo. All our members have been playing music here, in one form or another for many years. I had written a batch of new songs at the end of 2009, an attempt to try a different style then I had previously. I shared them with Andy on piano, and soon Stevo on cello, and it was just for fun. Later, Dustin got involved and that was our jump-start. We started recording some of the songs, booking some performances, and solidifying our arrangements. Once Tom came in on drums is when we really started to evolve into the sound we have now. Our name was picked by me, before we ever got together. It came to me kind of randomly while I wrote the material, and it kind of helped create and nurture the aesthetic I had in mind for the songs. When I showed Andy what I had written early on, it was like, “…I could sing all these beautiful and dark songs, with cello and piano and call it Dann K & Black Casket..” He and everyone on board since has been supportive of it, it really fits our sound.

Q:What kind of music does the band play? How would you describe its sound?
A: If we had to put ourselves into a genre it would be somewhere under the alternative folk umbrella, like Gothic Americana meets alt-rock or something. I’d describe our sound as melodic and haunting, as well as catchy and, at times, epic.

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